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How to fulfill the EU-requirements regarding reporting of working hours

Reporting of working hours simply means registering the working hours of the day. It is usually done by writing them down when the working day is done. This is of importance in order to keep track of the own working hours as well as those of the employees. Thanks to reporting of working hours, the management will have an efficient view of work completed as well as how much time different tasks are requiring. It will also make creating of statistics possible that can be of importance for the further development of the company. Reporting of working hours is also the base for salary calculation.

This has been considered such an important part of business management that the EU court has made a statement making reporting of working hours mandatory. The court is of the opinion that this is needed, partly in order to make sure that the rights of the workers are fulfilled, partly in order have a view of cases like overtime work. It is also important in order to follow given rules regarding working time, salaries, holidays etc.

Without reporting of working time, the situation will soon become chaotic. It is easy to forget the amount of time spend on different tasks, as well as keeping track about how much time they are requiring. Even if having only one specific task in your company, it might become extremely difficult to remember for example how much you have worked certain days and how some processes should be developed, in case you are not registering your working hours.

What then, could be the best way to register the own working time? You or your employees might of course write them down manually, or in Microsoft Excel. That however, will soon be extremely time consuming. You will then be forced to create excel templates that are taking into consideration every employee, task and special case. In addition to that, the employees will be required to send you their working hours.

The most convenient solution is, without doubt, digital reporting of working hours. Thanks to our system, you will be able to create tasks for yourself as well of your employees. Enabling employees to create their own tasks is also possible. You will have a simple and efficient view of completed as well as remaining taks. They can be searched according to specific time frames and workers. In case you are invoicing customers for completed tasks, the material for the invoices can be fetched directly from the reporting. With only a few clicks you will also have a view over completed work that can be used for the salary calculation. You will also be able to follow the laws and regulations without any further problems.

More information regarding the EU-regulations about reporting of working hours can be found here and here.

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