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Revision 1.2.3 - better handling of bank-transactions and other improvements.

New features:
- The system sends a message to the company controller if there are bank transactions that could not be classified automatically.

- When choosing to save a sales invoice as a pdf, the system previously suggested the name document.pdf. It now suggests a name consisting of invoice date in ISO format, invoice number, customer's name and the name of the selling company.
Example: 2020-11-05_ # 4321_Seller_Buyer.pdf

Minor bug fixes:
- The system now requires that a chart of accounts be installed before anything can be done with the accounting part.
- If the bank's name is too long on the pdf invoice, the text previously went into nearby fields. This has now been corrected, so that the bank's name is shortened and a couple of points are added at the end to indicate this.
- It is again possible to delete product data sheets, such as pdf files, from a product in the product catalog.
- E-mail notifications about accounts and contact requests are sent in the language the customer has specified as the system language.

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