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New versions and releases

Here you can read about the updates and the improvements we have made to the system.

Integration to wholesalers in electricity and plumbing, Onninen, Dahl, Sonepar and Rexel

It is now possible to retrieve product data directly from the product catalogs of various wholesalers. The system uses Finnish LVI numbers, which are unique to a certain product. If the same product is available from several suppliers, you can choose wh…


Bug fixes and improvements for the invoicing and product catalog

In this update we have improved: - the handling of products in the product catalog - the possibility to send reminder invoices - the management of the status of sales invoices belonging to a locked period. - the management of credit losses in sales Is…


Intensive and extensive invoicing for wholesalers

With the introduction of the invoicing system by a wholesaler in the food industry, it became necessary to make some improvements to the invoicing program. The new customer uses the system very intensively in comparison with our previous customer…


Create financial statements directly from the system (v1.3.4)

When the accounting period is over, the accounting period must be closed and the financial statements prepared. Before closing the period, it is necessary to check certain things, below are some examples: Does the bank's accounting balance agree wit…


Chart of accounts for housing companies (v1.3.3)

There is now a chart of accounts for housing companies. This means that smaller housing companies that manage their financial administration independently now have a very good tool at their disposal. Of course, it is also possible to let the manager or a…


Group discussions in the chat (rev. 1.3.2)

To increase concentration at work, we have implemented a chat where you can discuss with your colleagues, customers or with our customer service. You can create new group discussions yourself and add members, such as co-workers or other contacts. The act…


Revision 1.3.1 - valid HTML5

The HTML5 code that the system produces now gets tested that it is valid HTML5. For the user this means that the user interface will work the same in all modern browsers and provides a better user experience.This update also fixes some minor issues on mo…


Revision 1.3

Revision 1.3 is a security update where we have refactored and updated large parts of the system to better adapt to modern requirements. In the future, we will make further investments in data security.


Revision 1.2.3 - better handling of bank-transactions and other improvements.

New features:- The system sends a message to the company controller if there are bank transactions that could not be classified automatically. Improvements:- When choosing to save a sales invoice as a pdf, the system previously suggested the name docume…


1.2.2 - Improvements to the invoicing part

We have made two updates that users have asked for: 1. Set invoice numbers so they start from any number. If you previously used another invoicing system, you have probably already sent a lot of invoices. When you switch to yri.fi, you can specify from …


1.2.1 - More efficient entry and editing of accounting transactions

When manually entering and editing accounting transactions, you can now enter part of the account name or number, and the corresponding accounts are displayed. This makes it faster and easier to handle the bookkeeping manually. In addition, the counterpa…


v 1.2 - Nordea web services integration, retrieval of bank statements in machine readable format

The integration with Nordea's web service for downloading bank statements in machine readable format is now complete. This means that also you who are a Nordea customer can benefit from the yri.fi service. By enabling Nordea's bank integration, the syste…


Revision 1.1.9

In this update we introduced a feature to search for bank transactions on the counterparty's name. This makes it easier to find all banking events from a particular person or company. We have also made it easier to to create and edit the rules for accounting automation. The invoice barcode is now generated from validated data.


Revision 1.1.8

Now it is possible to create a credit invoice that can be connected to a previous invoice. In case you are making a credit invoice,  the program will be able to calculate the balance of the customer. The automatic calculation of the unpaid balanc...


Revision 1.1.7

This update is containing the following updates regarding the invoicing system: The VAT-ID of the customer is being shown below the receipent-address, in case he or she is possessing a VAT-ID. This is mandatory among other things for trade within th...


Revision 1.1.6

This update includes, among other things:

  1. Ability to export all invoices within a date range as a pdf-file
    This is very practical for a user w


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