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Are You spending huge amounts of time reporting Your working hours?

Thanks to this system, You are able to automate the following up of Your working hours. The employee is able to register the time he or she is arriving at work as well as leaving, with only a few clicks with the smartphone. The software is counting the working hours, and sending them to the employer. Adding hours after the working day is possible as well. In order for the employer being able to follow up the time spend on different tasks, it is also possible to create different duties.

Advantages of digitalised hour reporting

Staff management; The management will have all working hours collected in one single table, which will make the process of keeping track on time spend on different tasks by different employees extremely convenient. This table is permanently accessable as well as up to date.

Invoicing; The reporting might be used for invoicing customers for performed work. Adding working hours to an invoice draft is possible as well.

Salary calculation; The reporting system can be used for salary administration. As it is possible to gather different kinds of information, regarding e.g. employees, tasks and dates, the process of calculating the salaries is extremely convenient.

Project management; As working tasks and reported working hours can be connected to different projects, the project management is very efficient. Thanks to this system, one is able to check time remaining as well as time already spend, as well as estimated time being for the project.

How is it used?

The staff management is registering the tasks.

After the employee has logged in, his or her tasks will be visible in order of priority.

In the most simple case, the employee only has one task, and expected to work e.g. 7,5 hours a day. In this case, the only necessary step will be a single click in order to report the work of the day.

The staff management is able to keep track of accomplished work as well as confirming the hours reported.

While developing this system, we have been focusing heavily on user-friendliness. By taking the hour reporting system into use, You will reduce the administration costs of Your business permanently. Should You have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us here!

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