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Invoicing should be managed in a professional way. With this system you can do it, quick!

Create an account and start using the system, it takes about 10-15 minutes.


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Testimonials for the invoicing system

Ratings - the invoicing system

Rating 4.5/5 based upon 11 votes cast.

"The invoicing system has worked very well, I give it 5 out of 5 points!"
Sept. 30, 2017

Matti Juhanoja, Rakennuspalvelu M Juhanoja, Turku, Finland

"The invoicing system I used before was easier to use, this system has much more functions though. Once you get used to it it, it's good! It takes a little getting used to."
Oct. 2, 2017

Carin Knape, Fma Carin Knape, Skuru, Finland

"Very good looking invoices!"

Tom-Johan Långskog, Kone urakointi Långskog, Pörtom, Finland

"The invoicing system works well, I can highly recommend it!"
Jan. 5, 2016

Sofie Ramstedt, Sofie's makeup, Kyrkslätt, Finland

"The system has been working well. What makes me most happy is that you can access it using your phone, or whatever device you have in front of you. You have everything under control and nothing leaves not billed for. Easy to use!"
Aug. 7, 2017

Kim Broman, Bromans Metall, Övermark, Finland

Nov. 21, 2017

Fabian Lundgren, J/F Lager & Service, Lumparland, Åland Islands

"The system is very good, as soon as you get used to it, it will work great!"
Jan. 14, 2019

Erik Fredlund, Gårdstjänst E. Fredlund, Pedersöre, Finland

"The program is easy to use, and its features are very appearant, myself i am not that good with computers and different programs so i am very satisfied!"
Jan. 14, 2019

Christoffer Nybjörk, Springerman, Askola, Finland

"It is easy to use and learn!"
Jan. 14, 2019

Evelina Kargus, Evelinas massage, Raseborg, Finland

"It's convenient when you use the customer register, I liked that. It keeps order and you have everything in one place. The automation when sending invoices is incredibly good, with other systems you only get a pdf and then you have to send it yourself, here you could send it directly."
Jan. 16, 2019

Jan Törnqvist, Parainen, Finland

"I can recommend Yri.fi to all small businesses. An easy way to take care of the invoicing!"
Jan. 14, 2019

Ville Hacklin, Unilu Oy, Helsinki, Finland


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Below you can read more about the benefits you gain by using the invoicing system. Also, do not miss the special offer at the end of the page!

Professional looking invoices

- Finance Industry's Central Federation's gearing form

Thanks to the commonly used form by the finance industry the customer immediately sees that the invoice is made using a professional tool.

- Barcode on the invoice

To ease the customers handling of the invoice there is a barcode that can be optically read on the invoice.

- Multipage invoices

If you are doing bigger contract work where the hours are accounted for by day the invoices can become quite long. The same goes if there is a lot of materials that needs invoicing. This is no problem, as the system automatically can divide the invoice into multiple pages in a good looking and easily readable way.

- Invoice using the customers own language

Most of us are more satisfied if the invoice is in our own language. The invoice templates are translated into different languages that you can choose between. The system also takes notes about which language the customer wants the invoice in, so that the next invoice automatically is in the correct language. Currently supported languages are english, finnish, swedish, spanish and german. Other languages are under development and can be made upon request.

Can be used with a smartphone

Most of us see invoicing as something that you have to sit by a computer to do. With this system you can create your invoices directly via your smartphone. It is also possible to send them immediately by e-mail or as paper invoice through a printing and mailing service.

Sales ledger

Keep track of your receivables

Through the sales ledger you can easily see how much your customers own you. You can also see the receivables for a certain customer or for a certain date. This makes it easy to keep track of who owns you money.


The sales ledger can be updated in two ways, using bank-integration or manually. With manual updating you use bank account statements from your bank and mark the invoices as paid accordingly. If you are using a bank that has a webservice API available, the account statements can be imported automatically during the night. This way you can automatically connect the payments to the invoices.


Sometimes it happens that a customer pays the same bill twice or otherwise pays too much. This situation i easy to handle with this system. The excess part of the payment is marked as an overpayment that you can pay back to the customer or just leave in the system and connect it to a future invoice.


There is support to create a list of invoices that needs a reminder. With the click of a button you can create a reminder invoice for an overdue invoice. If the invoice invoice is partly paid these payments are shown on the invoice and the amount due is clearly shown.

Sales report

Using the sales report you can see the total sales for a given period. Here you can also see a VAT-calculation that can be used for the bookkeeping and reporting.

Customer records

- The customer registry makes it easy to invoice the same customer repeatedly. Then you just choose the customer from the registry and create a new invoice.

- It is also good marketing- and customer relationship management possibilities when you have a good customer register. It is easy to export all your customer records (or parts of them) if you want to send them something, a greeting or an offer for a new product or similar.


When the number of clients and the amounts of the invoices increase you can activate the bank integration. This means that the system fetch information from the bank during the night. The payments are then connected to the right customer and invoice using the remittance information provided or by using the customers unique name.

At the moment there is bank integration for Säästöpankki , Osuuspankki and Nordea.

sparbanken andelsbanken  

Automatic reference numbers

When you create an invoice the reference number is automatically generated. The referencenumber is used later on to identify the payment by the customer. There are two ways to use the reference number system in; every invoice has its own reference number or the reference number is connected to a specific customer.

Can be used on all operating systems

- The system works on Windows, Mac and Linux!

The only thing you need to be able to use the invoicing system is a modern webbrowser and an internet connection. You can use the system on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone or other device. Because it works over the internet it can be used on all operating systems.

- Export as PDF

In case you want to archive the invoices on your own computer or send them to a business partner or colleague you can do that easily by exporting the invoices as PDF-files.

Can be used internationally

Currency support

The system is very well suited for international business operations. Why? Because it supports all the world's currencies!

Different invoice templates

If you are sending your invoice outside Finland you can use an international invoice template. This template contains all the information needed for paying the invoice from abroad.

If your are sending an invoice to the USA you can use the international template with papersize Letter.

Is this suitable for me?

The thought behind the system is that it can be used by a lot of different businesstypes, ranging from micro-businesses sending a few invoices per yer to corporations sending several hundreds invoices per month.


“The invoicing system works well, I can highly recommend it! ”

Sofie Ramstedt
sofie's makeup


Do you have questions?

Pricing and conditions

The invoicing system costs 8,90 €/month +24% VAT.

The bankintegration is an extra service that costs 10 €/month/bank +24% VAT.

The fee is charged in three months intervals.

Create an account and start using the system, it takes about 10-15 minutes.

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