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What happens after I, as an entrepreneur, create an invoice?


In the past, it was common for the invoice to be printed out, put in a folder and given to the accountant at the end of the month. The accountant then manually entered the paper invoices. When the customer paid, the invoices that had been paid were crossed off. A disadvantage of this system is that differences easily arise between the accounts receivable in the accounting and the balance in the sales ledger. It is also difficult to keep control of situations where the customer has paid too little or too much.

A much more efficient way is to use a digitized system, such as yri.fi. Then you don't need to print out a paper invoice or email it to your accountant, but the invoice can be posted directly, because the invoicing and the accounting are connected to each other in the system. When the customer pay the invoice, the payment will automatically appear in the system, as it is possible to integrate the bank account as well. In this way, it is easy to follow that the customers actually pay their bills as well. If the customer pays the wrong amount, the system notifies about this and the situation can be easily sorted out. Of course, the customers' payments are also recorded automatically. In this way, both the sales ledger and the accounting are kept in good condition, and you save both time and money!

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