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Bookkeeping and accounting

One of the largest advantages with yri.fi is that you are able to manage all parts of your accounting.


Simplified, ”bookkeeping” is the process of collecting and codifying data regarding business transactions according to certain standards. The different parts of yri.fi are communicating with each other, and are also integrated with the bookkeeping feature. Thanks to that, the bookkeeping is to a large extent automatic. E.g., the system is able to automatically book your sales and purchase invoices, you can book your expense receipts when registering them into the system and transactions can automatically be identified. Thanks to all this, the bookkeeping can be done in real time, with a delayment of only one or two days.


Accounting is the reporting and analysis of the data generated by bookkeeping. With the accounting reports as a base, the company is making decisions regarding further investments, purchases, and other activities. Thanks to the constant updating of the bookkeeping,  these decisions can be made upon real time facts. Especially during more difficult economic times, keeping track of the economy, financial situation and development of the company is of significant importance.

The accounting reports available include:

Result and balance. In addition to the automatic creation, the reports are created according to standard procedures, which means they can be used for your tax declaration.
Journal. A list of all bookkeeping transactions in chronological order.
General ledger. All bookkeeping transactions per bookkeeping account.
VAT-report. In case the company is obligated to pay Value Added Tax, the VAT-reports are to be send to the tax authorities with regular intervals. This is extremly convenient, as the system is able to automatically fetch a VAT-report.

Reporting of the different parts of the system

Also the other different parts of the system are having features for reporting. In the invoicing system, you are able to fetch sales reports for a certain timeframe, per customer, co-worker or sales account. It is also possible to receive a sales ledger containing current invoices and payments per customer.
A similar feature is also found in the purchase ledger, where you can find invoices as well as payments for certaing suppliers. This is convenient, when checking for example that no invoice has been paid twice.
In the feature for personal expenses and traveling invoices, there is a ledger containing information regarding purchases for the company made by the co-workers. Information about the debt to different co-workers for personal expenses and traveling can be fetched extremely conveniently.

Do you wish to know more about the bookkeeping and accounting feature? Use the contact form at this link, and we will be in touch! 



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Testimonials for the accounting software

Ratings - the accounting software

Rating 5.0/5 based upon 2 votes cast.

"It has worked well."

LH, Helsinki, Finland

"The bookkeeping and accounting system has worked well and the support is quick and efficient. I give yri.fi 5 out of 5 points."
Oct. 25, 2021

Janita Palmu, Doc4U, Turku, Finland

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