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Digital receipt management using smartphone and computer

In case you are doing purchases for your company, you can collect and manage them with the feature for receipts.


When using a smartphone, take the following steps:

1. Log in to yri.fi

2. Click "New expense receipt"

3. Take a photo of the receipt

4. Fill in information about the purpose as well as amount of money. If using the accounting-feature, You can also book the transaction at the same time.

5. Done!



You can of course also upload your receipts using your computer as well. The program supports most image file formats and pdf-files.



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Testimonials for expense receipt handling

Ratings - expense receipt handling

Rating 5.0/5 based upon 2 votes cast.

"Yri's receipt management system is so easy to use. Take a photo of the receipt with your phone or scan it, upload it to the system and get the bookkeeping done directly! Not only are all verifications saved in the right place, you can handle your expenses directly. Can't be much easier and faster!"
March 9, 2020

Martin Nord, The Growwwth Agency AB, Vaasa, Finland

"It has helped me a lot!"
March 9, 2020

Jongyun Moon, PhD, Ankh Oy, Turku, Finland


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Being in the world of business for a longer time, one will notice that the amount of receipts will now and then be very large. Managing them will in the long run be an extremely time-consuming activity. As a solution, digitalising of receipts is an invaluable tool. Below is listed some of the advantages:

1. The original receipt is always available  

The case being that the original receipt is photographed or scanned and uploaded into the system, it will always be available. This is a       huge advantage in the case one needs to have a look at it later.

2. All receipts automatically sorted in chronological order

When handling expenditures, it is of importance knowing the date they have been created. In addition to that, chronological ordering is an advantage when going through the expenses for a certain period. 

3. An efficient way of keeping track of expenses 

In companies with several employes, there are often a huge amount of payments from different persons. It is of importance to keep them under constant track in order to pay their expenses back.

4. Integration with the bank account

Thanks to the feature of integration with the bank account of the user, automatic checking of expenses and payments is possible. As soon as a payment to an employee has been performed, it will appear in the system.

5. Immediate booking of expenses

The way from a purchase to booking of the transaction is often very long, in many cases weeks or even months. If using this system and its accounting feature, immediate booking of the receipt is possible.

6. Automatic monthly calculation of the value added tax

The rate of the value added tax is automatically calculated at the moment the receipt is registered in the system. In addition to that, also its code is registered, which makes the automatic monthly calculation of the value added tax through the accounting feature possible.

7. Automatic backups

Except for the convenience of having all receipts stored at the same platform, it is also a very safe way of keeping track of the expenses. All receipts will automatically be backed up securely.

8. Convenient for the auditor

The auditor will find this system being an effective way of examining the receipts and transactions. The process of shifting between accounts in the bookeeping and the transactions is very user-friendly.




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